The Weekly Cynic

Ep.37 – The Virus, The Experts And The Social Experiment

10 months ago

Over The Last Few Weeks, As The Covid19 Outbreak Has Expanded, Our Social Media Experts, All Those Twitter Blue-Check-Marks, Have Been Retweeting, Ranting & Raving With Each Other, Blue Collar Schmucks And Even Bots.

They've Created Their Own Universe Of Mis-Information In Pursuit Of Burnishing Their Halos & Credentials.

Also, We Dive Into The Social Aspects Of The Covid19 Outbreak: #MeToo Movement/Social Distancing Effects On The Human Heart & Mind, The Surveillance State, Universal Basic Income, Climate Change, The Obliterated Job Market, The Future Of Work, Essential Work & Workers, Corporate Consolidation, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Your Vaccine Microchip And The Internet Of Things.

A Snarky, Sarcastic, Conspiratorial, Brutally Honest, And At Times, LOUD Conversation Ensues.

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