The Weekly Cynic

Ep.42 – Blasphemous, Blunt, Brutal Advice To The Class Of 2020

6 months ago

In This EP, AL & JM Each Give A Graduation Speech To The Class Of 2020. The Topics? Pretty Much Two Satirical Speeches On Rich White People And Gullible Humans. Then, They Discuss The Themes Of Each Speech. So, What Happens? A Biting, Contrarian Take On Woke Capitalism, Corporate Profiteering And Stupid Humans. An Abundance Of Advice For GenZ'ers Going Out Into The World!

Ending Reference To Chad's Bubbles: EP13 Of The 3emptypints podcast, Escape Your Bubbles...

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Musical Intro: Poppers and Prosecco Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Segue Music: Crinoline Dreams by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

Works Cited: Graduation Intro Music To Second Ceremony: "Laureate" An Apple GarageBand Music Sample

Closing Montage Music: No Spam Polka by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

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